Thai Rice Becomes the Best Rice in the World

Thai Rice Becomes the Best Rice in the World

Thai Rice Becomes the Best Rice in the World – Rice is one of the staple foods that is consumed by many people. Indeed, most Asian people make rice or rice as a staple food. Carbohydrates found in rice are indeed very high so that most westerners dislike rice and prefer wheat instead of rice.

Did you know that rice is not all the same. The quality of rice varies depending on the origin of the rice or the rice brand. Right now the best rice is Thai rice. The mothers who used to cook would know jasmine rice which was the public discussion. Jasmine rice is one of the best rice in the world.

Thai Rice Becomes the Best Rice in the World

The best coronation of rice in the world is not from a community survey, but from experts’ test competition based on aroma, taste and texture. The competition is often held in Chiang Mai and is followed by many of the best big producers such as Vietnam, the United States, Myanmar, Pakistan, India and other countries.

Thailand beat many of the best rice-producing countries with its rice, known as jasmine rice.

Jasmine or Khom Hom Mali rice has long grains and an attractive aroma, namely jasmine. The name jasmine is based on its aroma. Not only from the form alone, when cooked it tastes softer and sweeter than other rice.

Thai Rice Has Passed the Test

You who like fluffier rice, this can be one of the best choices for you. Because the rice is fluffier and sticky it is not dry and hard. That is an added value that makes Thai rice the most delicious rice in the world.

This is not the first time Thailand has won the best rice competition in the world. There have been 3 or 4 times in 2009, 2010, and subsequent years. Because it often wins competitions, Thailand is a country that is believed to be the best rice producer in the world and it’s not just from the jasmine rice, there are many other brands of rice that they produce and follow the competition.

Good and best quality rice is not only what is needed by the human body and makes the body healthy by getting the best rice intake.

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