Reasons Many Countries Choose Thai Rice Import

Reasons Many Countries Choose Thai Rice Import

Reasons Many Countries Choose Thai Rice Import – Rice is one food that has become the staple food of people in various countries in the world. Indeed many countries have their own local rice production which aims to reduce import costs. But even so many countries that have their own rice production still import.

What many other countries are doing is importing Thai rice which is currently being talked about. It’s no longer a secret, Thai rice is rice that is sought after by people throughout the country because its quality has been tested as the best rice in the world.

Reasons Many Countries Choose Thai Rice Import

Many countries import Thai rice not only because of public demand, many reasons the government chooses to import rice from abroad.

Thai Rice Prices Are Cheaper

The first reason is because Thai rice prices are cheaper than domestic rice prices. As an example in Indonesia, Thai rice that comes to Indonesia when calculated by shipping costs, remains the price of Thai rice far lower than the price of local rice. Of course with so many people will prefer imported rice over local.

Thai Rice is More Durable

Rice imported from Thailand or other countries is usually more durable in warehouses or can be said to be more durable even if it is buried for a long time. Unlike the local production of rice which usually only lasts 3 months. Rice produced locally at that time will begin to appear ticks. Indeed, this problem depends on production, imported rice production would have used modern methods for packaging so that it could last longer for 1 year or more.

Logistics system

The third reason is because the logistics system is still lacking and needs to be improved. The small volume of supply from local farmers makes price increases occur. In contrast to imports which of course with large volumes will make prices cheaper and supply is not limited to all cities.

Food Mafia

This is a problem that cannot be handled by countries in Asia including Indonesia. These irresponsible people use local rice to be stockpiled and sold at a soaring price when supply is running low.

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