Know the Characteristics of Thai Rice

Know the Characteristics of Thai Rice

Know the Characteristics of Thai Rice – Rice is a staple food with high carbohydrate content. Most people who consume it are Asian people because rice is the best staple food to add energy.

For westerners who are very concerned about health with all kinds of procedures, they will usually consume lower carbohydrates such as wheat than rice. But for Asians, it won’t be a problem as long as eating keeps the body from losing energy.

Know the Characteristics of Thai Rice

Speaking of rice, there are many kinds of rice in the world, some are real and some are fake. Many types of rice exist in the world and all have differences that can be recognized easily.

If you are a picky person, of course you will choose rice that is good for consumption. That way we recommend the best rice, rice from Thailand. Thai rice has become the best and most delicious rice in the world.

It is easy to recognize Thai rice, the following are the characteristics of Thai rice you need to know:


Thai rice is more fluffier because it has about 25 percent amylose content so that the water content will absorb better when cooked. The taste of Thai rice is the most popular taste in Indonesia. The texture of the rice is softer so that it matches the side dishes typical of Asia.

Fluffier texture is one of the flavors that are very popular with the people of Indonesia. To make porridge, it would be better to use fluffier rice to make it softer.


Thai rice is more fragrant than other brands of rice. There are some Thai rice that has jasmine fragrance so that it becomes one of the distinctive fragrances that is easily recognized that it is Thai rice.


Indeed most of the rice is white, but Thai rice looks whiter and healthier. White rice naturally comes from rice whose layers of skin have been removed.

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