Differentiating from High and Low Quality Rice

Differentiating from High and Low Quality Rice

Differentiating from High and Low Quality Rice – For people in several countries, rice is one of the staple foods that must be consumed every day to replenish energy. This food has become a food that is always or definitely at home.

Because rice has become a staple food that is mandatory as a side dish, you must choose the right rice for consumption. There are many kinds of rice in this world. Each country that produces rice certainly has a different quality due to differences in agricultural processes. Some produce the best quality and some are low quality.

Differentiating from High and Low Quality Rice

For mothers or hobby of cooking or hobby of eating will certainly know the difference in the quality of high and low rice. Here’s the difference between high and low quality rice you need to know:

High quality or premium rice

High quality premium rice is whiter brighter, rice broken no more than 5 percent, grains of rice do not mix with dirt such as rocks or grain. If cooked it will produce soft fluffier rice that is not sticky.

Low quality or Medium Rice

Low-quality rice is usually called medium rice. Medium rice can be characterized by color, because the color of medium rice will be more dull than premium rice. Many grains of rice are mixed with stones or grain. And of course the price of medium rice is far cheaper than premium rice.

The difference is indeed very visible, both are still suitable for consumption because sometimes many people choose the quality of rice depending on what they want to make.

For example if you want to make porridge, of course you will choose high quality rice to produce soft porridge. And for chefs who make dishes such as fried rice, of course they will choose medium quality rice that is more fresh so that it is not sticky when cooked.

In addition, a little information on rice is also not only used as rice. Many people use rice to be used as a variety of food creations, cakes, snacks, and besides that many beauty products also use rice extract ingredients.

Good rice will indeed produce fluffier rice and is usually enjoyed by people who have a lot of money because we cannot deny that good rice will be very high value.


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